Olive juice or oil

Olive juice or Olive Oil

Many of our tenants ask us what is the best olive oil, to which we respond that everything depends, but what is essential is that it is EVOO, that is to say TOceite de ORliva Virgen Txtra. Our Green Gold

Olive oil is a vegetable oil of mainly culinary use that is extracted from the fruit recently harvested from the olive tree (Olea europaea) called olive or olive.

The oil is extracted from ripe olives of between six and eight months, just when they contain their maximum amount of oil, which usually occurs in the late autumn. The olives undergo a first pressure in order to extract their juice; The quality of the oil depends to a large extent of the subsequent processing. For this reason, producers monitor these steps with great care. The quality of olive oil is judged by its organoleptic properties and by its content of free fatty acids. There are regulations in the European Union on the oil classifications in six categories depending on the concentration of fatty acids.

But what is really the EVOO?

The EVOO is the oil that after passing a hard test will be classified as "extra virgin olive oil or EVOO". In the analytical the chemical parameters must not exceed the maximum admissible limits of the norm, more demanding than the others, as well as in the official tasting test not present any sensory defect. It is the highest quality and the price should reflect it. It is the star of the house and any oil mill that claims it pretends.

I also want to pay tribute to our traditional producers, especially those from Axarquia and our neighbors from Rio Gordo, where every year we can enjoy the extraction of oil juice in a traditional way, watch a video that we provide in this blog


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Originally posted 2015-02-07 12:11:01.

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