SardinesLwe impiamos the sardines under the tap but without removing the head or the viscera. Drain well. We are putting them in a bowl with fat salt. We reserve while we are preparing the embers to roast them. We can serve half of a drum to improvise the barbecue, full of sand and in which we have put some firewoods to make the embers.

When the embers are ready, we will crack the sardines in this way: with the cane, previously soaked in water so that it does not burn, concave, we sneak the sardine in the middle from the back and crossing the chest leaving the spine underneath of the cane. (Video of how to crack sardines).

We repeat with each one of the sardines until we skewer about six per cane.

Espetos de Sardinas, no te los puedes perder.... -

Espetos in Málaga

We place the skewers in the embers, putting them first on the side of the spine that is the concave cane so that when turning the spit the sardines will hold up and not collapse.

When they are done, we will carefully disentangle them and place them on a tray, water them with lemon juice and eat with your fingers without letting them cool down and a good slice of bread. Accompanied by a good cold beer or a good cool summer red. They are delicious. Jo, mouth made water !.


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