The 10 radars that most punish in Spain

The 10 radars that most punish in Spain

The radars of the roads have come to become one of the main concerns of Spanish drivers. It is not surprising because each year more than 4 million complaints and, of these, half correspond to speed excesses detected by these speed measurement systems.

At present, when a driver is going to make a trip, in addition to analyzing the route to reach their destination, it is already a habitual custom to look for the location of the fixed radars that the DGT itself announces. And many drivers employ browsers that warn of the position of these fixed radars, a totally legal system in Spain.

However, many drivers continue to fall every day in these networks that suppose a minimum fine of 100 euros and that can reach up to 600 euros in very serious infractions.

The most effective

The DGT does not make official the data of the number of fines imposed by each of the teams, but Associated European Motorists He has carried out a study based on the denunciations of his associates. And according to this report, the one that has detected the most infractions in the last year is a section radar located on the A4 as it passes through the province of Jaén, between kilometers 242 and 245. It is the new variant of Despeñaperros, which has a tunnel of 1,925 meters and the limit speed is 100 km / h.

Image (Efe)The second in this ranking of more 'effective' radars is on the road A6, at kilometer 343, on its way through the province of León. And the third is again a section radar, this time located in the province of Madrid, in the well-known Guadarrama tunnel in the direction of the capital, between kilometer points 49 and 56 of the toll motorway AP6.

In fourth and fifth place are the radars that are located on the A66 at kilometer 508, in the province of Cáceres, and on the A3 highway from Madrid to Valencia at kilometer 156, in the province of Cuenca.

Speed radars

It is not surprising that two of the most sanctioning radars are so-called 'stretch'. This type of equipment works between two points separated from each other at least three or four ...


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Originally posted 2013-09-08 08:17:37.

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