Tosantos the party of the markets of Cádiz. - CasaEnChilches.comCAs everyone should know, next November 1st is All Saints' Day and, although Halloween gains a bit of prominence every year, the more traditional celebrations are still celebrated (luckily!). Okay, yes, at night many young people go out partying, many locals are decorated with pumpkins and people are dressed as zombie, ghost or witch. But during the day we do not see children knocking on the doors with the bag of goodies asking about "trick or treating?" ... At this point we have not arrived yet (nor do we have to).

Well, on October 31, for the Cadiz Market Festival is filled with people, food stalls, good humor and satire. If this year you are going to go or if you have never heard of it, keep reading and discover the originality of this Market Festival.

What does it consist of?

On October 31 the stalls of the Central Market and the Mercado Virgen del Rosario dress their products. what do I want to say with that? Well, in the meat stalls, the pigs and rabbits disguise themselves, in the vegetable stalls, puppets with fruits and vegetables are created, etc. Thus, each position tries to represent in a satirical and humorous way a current issue or event that happened during the year (in 2006, for example, a very popular one was the representation of Isabel Pantoja visiting Julián Muñoz in jail).

In this way, the positions that wish to do so are registered in the Job Exposition Contest of the municipal markets of the city. Subsequently, a jury is responsible for rewarding the three best positions in each category: Meat, Fish, Fruits, Vegetables and Miscellaneous.

In addition, for some years, there have also been some days on the markets and parties with conferences, audiovisuals and tastings, and for the little ones (and not so small) there are fun parades, flamenco performances, magic shows, etc.

It is expected that participation this year is very high, about 80 positions, so be prepared to do a bit of queuing. Of course, the wait is worth it ... because seeing the posts from the front row is the best.

Tosantos the party of the markets of Cádiz. - CasaEnChilches.comGastronomic tradition

As a good Andalusian party, traditional food could not miss, and is that with the excellent quality of local products is not for less.

For All Saints Cadiz ends the summer weather and is celebrated with the presentation of seasonal products: walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, acerola, dried figs, oranges, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, custard apples, avocados, olives ... But that it is not all! The meat is also present: deer, pig, chicken, rabbit, partridge, lamb, kid, ... And neither could fish and seafood. In short, a wide variety of products and, obviously, of great quality.

Tosantos the party of the markets of Cádiz. - CasaEnChilches.comIf you prefer sweets, do not worry ... you will find saint's bones there (marzipan cakes with a cylindrical shape and filled with yolk candy), cider fritters or sweet potato paste, very popular as a dessert or snack.

If hunger is entering you already know what you have to do ... Pass the Puente Todos los Santos in Cádiz and enjoy the Fiesta de los Mercados.

What to see in Cádiz?

If you go to Cádiz this November bridge you can attend the Market Festival, but it is clear that it is worth discovering the city. Then you ready some of the most emblematic gaditanos places that really you should see.

Torre Tavira: The Tavira Tower is a watchtower that rises up to 45 meters above sea level. It is of Baroque style, it was built in the 18th century and it is part of the Casa-Palacio de los Marqueses de Recaño (building that houses, nowadays, the Conservatory of Music of Cádiz).

Tosantos the party of the markets of Cádiz. -

Cádiz Cathedral: The Cathedral was built between the 18th and 19th centuries and is the only Christian cult temple with a yellow dome. It is located in the Plaza de la Catedral and can be seen from virtually any point in the city.

Castillo de San Sebastián: This castle is located at one end of the beach of La Caleta, on an islet, and is linked to land by a boardwalk. It was built in the 18th century on an old hermitage to protect the northern flank of the city.

Museum of the Cortes of Cádiz: If you like history and museums, this museum is a must. There the history of the city is represented, especially the 18th and 19th centuries. Keep in mind that admission is free, but it is closed on Mondays and holidays.

Obviously there is much more to see ... But the city is not very big, so it is perfect to enjoy a nice walk while discovering the most amazing corners of this Andalusian city.

Accommodation in Cadiz

Cádiz is a popular city in terms of tourism, so you will find many Cadiz hotels where they offer quality accommodation, excellent services and reasonable prices. The Melting Pot Hostel Cadiz, for example, with an appraisal of 90.7%, is located in the historical center of the city and has a fully equipped kitchen, Internet access, bedding and towels included, relaxed atmosphere and good vibes, breakfast, laundry, ... In short, everything you may need to spend a pleasant stay.

On the other hand, Casa Caracol, located in the old town of Cádiz and 5 minutes from the beach. The atmosphere is very pleasant and is ideal to meet people and socialize with other guests. The price includes breakfast and linen and among the facilities you will find fully equipped kitchen, games room, Internet access, lockers in the rooms, etc.

Thanks for the photos on Flickr to juanpol, kojotomoto, fernand0, charlottedallot Y keysorg. Thank you also for your photograph to the Municipal Delegation of Tourism of the Excmo. Cadiz City Council.


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