What differentiates a parenting, a reservation and a large reservation?

For some time, our tenants have asked us what is the difference between aging wines, a reservation and a large reserve. Well we wanted to summarize it in a few words.

Depending on their aging process, red wines can be classified as follows:

Young wine. Also known as "wine of the year", it is a wine that has barely been in the barrel long enough. This wine must be consumed in the margin of a calendar year since it goes on the market, although it usually knows better if it is consumed within the first six months.

Parenting wine. Depending on what is established in the different Designations of Origin, it is a quality wine that is subject to an aging process of at least 24 months. It is important to keep in mind that the wine must remain at least six months in oak barrels. In front of the two years of a red wine, if we talk about a white and / or rosé the aging period is reduced to 18 months

Reserve wine. Your minimum aging period should be 36 months. At least 12 must age in oak barrels, while the rest must be in bottle. In the case of white and rosé wines, the aging period changes, since it must be at least 24 months.

Large reserve wine. The wine must age at least 18 months in oak barrels and 42 in the bottle. That is, the grand reserve wine needs to age at least five years. Generally, only wines belonging to outstanding harvests come to this stage. With regard to white and rosé wines, the minimum aging period is 48 months in wood and bottle. Depending on the origin, the wines can lengthen the aging time required in barrels.

But it is not only this, but also we must know if it has been a correct vintage, I invite you to see this website.


My thanks to Basque newspaper.

Originally posted 2014-06-03 20:14:53.

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