Smurf town

Juzcar village in the Serrania de Ronda


We were my family and I, as every day January 1 in Juzcar, a small town in the Serrania de Ronda, we went sightseeing. Every day January 1, we have the tradition of leaving early in the morning - when there is almost no one on the roads - and we go to "different" places. This year it was Júzcar's turn.

It is a small village in the Serrania de Ronda, - cradle and spank of the French in the Napoleonic wars by the bandits. We climbed from the coast on the road from San Pedro de Alcántara to Ronda (A-397), stopping at a picnic called "Los Madroños", people very happy to be 11 in the morning of a first of January. The road is hard and you have to be careful not only with it for its curves and unevenness but with the occasional "armed head" (say cuckold at the wheel) who believes he is in Rally.
Well, we went there so that my wife's mother could go to her grandmother's town. The truth is that it was the excuse, we were struck by the fact that a beautiful "white town" Andalusian, had become a "blue town smurf."
The road promised when we left the A-397 and took the MA 7308, it reminded me of the road to Chio (Tenerife) and at times some other road in Galicia. Narrow, very narrow ... The road is fatal, but in the end we arrived, it's worth it, really. A clean, blue town. The houses are confused with the sky. Wonderful! In addition, the road was full of the leaves fruit of this late autumn that we suffered ... Una Gozada!
The truth is that all the saints have appeared to the people of Juárez and they have known how to "paint the Altar well". Someone from Sony Entretenaiment entered the town through the right eye and they took it as a promotion of the summer film "The 3D Smurfs" (these are the saints) Sony spent 9,000 kg of blue paint and changed the image of the town, good that and that gave work to the only 12 unemployed who had (Good!).
The Juzcareños took advantage of the international diffusion and the coverage in informative of and developed an interesting business model. Take advantage of what others have done and benefit from it. I am happy because I did not know that Juzcar was founded in the Arab period and that on its land was the first tinplate factory in Spain.
Regardless of my corrosive sense of humor, I must say that they are open, friendly people who will welcome you with open arms. The bar that is in the viewpoint of Torrichela, they treat you well, very well besides it is not expensive and the quality is good, although perhaps it lacks some variety. I expected them to have crumbs or an ajosporros stew, but the "smurfs" and pinchos that they had were tasty and delicious ...
Come by the square of the church, there is a market "Smurf" and a Mushroom museum (this has nothing to do with the pitu-mushrooms)
A recommendable trip, but since you are in the area do not miss passing through Paraula or Cartaima.

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